Creative Digital Scrapbooking

Uncomplicated. Effortless. And within a community full of friendly guidance and support.

The Scrapaneers' Society

The Scrapaneers Society is for the Crafty, Creative Storyteller with Digital Aspirations

We are a diverse, educational society made up of passionate digital scrapbookers at varying levels who seek endless creative & technical strategies to design beautiful digital scrapbook layouts in less time and with less frustration. 

We value the process of digging deep within ourselves to connect our words and photos with our very unique life perspectives. 

We help others tell impactful stories using technology.

Is the Society Right For You?

You'll feel right at home if:

  • You're looking for FREE resources including exclusive articles, tutorials, and videos that can help you scrapbook at your level from beginner through advanced.
  • You want to learn at the side of a veteran digital scrapbooking instructor in one of our active, relaxed, for-purchase class groups.
  • You want to watch how other scrapbookers work their digital magic live, or catch up via recording on your own schedule.
  • You want to find and hang out with YOUR PEOPLE -- other digital creatives who are trying to find the time and master a few skills so they can tell the stories that matter most to them, too.

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